While time ticks by, we wait to see our new grandbaby, now four months old. We wait to visit our children, wait to go on vacation. We wait for many things in life, don’t we? Especially now. But what do we do in the meantime? I hope you are taking advantage of the time to … Continue reading Waiting


As You look through your house, what do you see? Your home reflects you, your style, your likes, your passions. As fashions change, do yours change? As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we have been purging. In January, we eliminated 500 items to declutter our home. Lately, I find myself walking by an object … Continue reading Reflection

Less is More

Writing Tip: Less is More Less is more, so omit those needless words. Most of the time you can omit the words that, just, and sometimes, had.How many had survived the shooting? omit had I just thought I should say something. omit justShe said that she would rather die. omit that Continue reading here: https://kacirigney.com/writing-tips/

Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Between COVID-19, political parties throwing poo like monkeys, protesting, rioting and looting, hatred for the police, and whatever else we face and hear out there -- the world is spiraling out of control. I want to put in my two cents. I have exact change, so it's okay. (Insert wry smile and shaking of the … Continue reading Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Devastation, Desires, and Delight

One Sunday evening, in my parent's living room, as I stood in front of our neighbor, Alice, I gave my heart to Jesus. A little towheaded five-year-old girl, feeling the Holy Spirit's incredible power coursing through me--my childhood's most cherished memory. Bible stories were learned and the grand old hymns of the faith, which I … Continue reading Devastation, Desires, and Delight

The Conversation

Stew is delicious until it’s scorched and burned; then, it becomes distasteful, unpalatable, and even repugnant. We have the privilege of free speech in America, yet depending on we use this freedom, it can become like a spoiled disgusting stew. We have instituted anti-bullying rules at schools (with thousands of people who have advocated for … Continue reading The Conversation