National Poetry Month 2021

April 2021

Day 1

Seasons With You
Kaci Rigney

Spring, my love, into mine arms
For Winter’s passed away
Love blossoms here in fondest blooms
Like lovers at their play

For Summer love is on its way
Like sun, our cheeks doth kiss
For love grows wild on sunny days
And turns our nights to bliss

Then turn into my arms again
As Autumn leaves do dance
And trees bare arms and hue the ground
Swirl and take a chance

Warm my nights and fill my days
For weeks, and months, and years
For Winter’s chill, love keeps us warm
And drives away our fears

Through all the seasons of my life
Those passed, those yet to be
Seasons with thee, my fairest love
Are loveliest with thee

Day 2

God’s Mercy, My Ransom

Kaci Rigney 4/2/2021

The crown of thorns
On His brow
Pierced Him deep
A mocking bow
Pierced deeper still

His blood spilling
To the ground
His hands, his feet
By cruel nails bound
His Father’s will

Wails of sorrow
Guilt and shame
By God’s mercy
Redemption came
And sweeter still

His grace released
Sins atoned
My ransom paid
Thru Christ alone
On Calvary’s hill

Day 3
Kaci Rigney 4/3/2021

and me
a cute pair
of true love birds.
A sweet melody
and harmony
we two

Day 4

He is Risen!
Kaci Rigney 4/3/2021

Though sins are many
Or sins are few
They separate us from
The one who makes hearts new

But on the cross
The Perfect Lamb
A sacrifice of
The worthy Great I AM

To make Him sin
On our behalf
To pay the price and
Bear for us God’s great wrath

This plan of old
Purposed for me
And you to believe
Death to life. Victory!

For Jesus died
And laid in death
In a borrowed tomb
For three days, then, a breath.

He rose to live
Jesus the Christ whom
We worship and adore

He is alive, yes!
He is no longer dead.
He is risen! –
Just as he said.

Day 5

Kaci Rigney

bursting forth
and dispels darkness
exposes wrong
renews truth
in God’s

Day 6

Kaci Rigney

Sofie sits
and Sofie sleeps
She chases kitties
runs and leaps
Sofie’s chill
she follows me
wherever I go
for company
Sofie is
a ball of fluff
I’m her friend
seems that’s enough

Day 7

Faith or Fear
Kaci Rigney

Ever searching
Never finding
One step forward
Two steps back
Peek around the corner
Yet ever looking back
Over the shoulder
In the rearview mirror
Afraid to move
Living in terror
Out of control?
Do what you can
Move by faith
God has a plan

Day 8

The Verdant Hills
Kaci Rigney

The scent of honeysuckle filled the air.
She breathed in the fragrance with a sigh.
Verdant hills beckoned her to welcome
wildflowers and butterflies.
Her flowing blue dress danced with the wind.
Long curly red locks followed in the wake of the breeze
as she secured her straw hat with a long hatpin.
Barefoot, sandals in hand, she marveled at the beauty
of nature–God’s handiwork.
The glistening green grass ebbed and flowed like the sea.
Vivid hues caressed her vibrant blue eyes.
A soft smile graced her lips as she whispered
a prayer of thanksgiving.

Day 9

But I know whom I have believed
And am persuaded that He is able
To keep that which I’ve committed
Unto Him against that Day.
II Timothy 1:12

Against That Day
Kaci Rigney
(Think Southern Gospel for these lyrics.)

There will come a judgment day
When the dead in Christ shall rise
When the sea gives up her dead
And the tombs will open wide
The trumpet call will sound
And the Groom will call His bride
The hosts of heaven will shout
As we meet Him in the skies

And on that great and awesome day
He will separate the crowd
He will open up the Book
And He’ll read my name aloud
For I know whom I have believed
And on that judgment day
I’m persuaded He will keep me safe
By His blood – against that day

Against that day, against that day
When the dead in Christ shall rise
And take to the glistening skies
Against that day, against that day
He will keep what I have committed to Him
By His blood – against that day

By His blood I’ve been set free
By His blood at Calvary
God will see the blood was paid
And I’ll be safe against that day

Every knee on earth will bow
When we come before His throne
Many He will cast away
But He’ll see me as His own
Those who have rejected Him
He’ll reject at His Judgment Seat
But I’ll be found giving Him my crown
Kneeling at my Savior’s feet

Against that day, against that day
When the dead in Christ shall rise
And take to the glistening skies
Against that day, against that day
He will keep what I have committed to Him
By His blood – against that day

Day 10

Kaci Rigney

Sultry days
Sweltering nights
Days in the mountains
Days by the sea

Day 11

Kaci Rigney

Earth toned
Falling leaves
Windswept colors
Twirling all around
Dance to the ground
Yellow, orange,
Red, and

Day 12


She cries.
He laughs.
She rails.
He grins.
She longs.
He sighs.
“Read me,”
they say.
It sits
the shelf—
the book


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