Calaveras Big Trees


Calaveras Big Trees
Kaci Rigney

Out under the stars
Groves of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen
Looking for bears
And deer in the clearing in meadows green

Squirrels climbing trees
Chasing each other higher and higher
Singing camp songs
With many more around the big campfire

Brothers fishing
In the Stanislaus River, ‘neath the pines
Dad with the boys
Baiting worms on hooks and casting lines

Me with my Mommy
Swimming in the shallows and splashing around
Making up songs
Mommy reading yet enjoying the sound

Skipping smooth rocks
Hiking the trails back to our campsite
Laughter ringing
Is there another campfire tonight?

Finding a friend
Using sticks and pinecones for little toys
Out on the dirt
Dad pitches our tent with all of the boys

Mom makes lunch
We all scatter while she’s at this chore
She calls “soup’s on”
We eat it all, my brothers ask for more

Searching campsites
North Grove, South Grove, but Squaw Hollow’s the best
Whenever we’ve camped
Calaveras Big Trees – a notch above the rest

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