Mamoo is my mommy. When her oldest grandson, Michael, tried to pronounce grandma it came out Mamoo. It stuck for all 13 of her grandkids. My mom wrote these kinds of poems for all her children, their spouses, her grandchildren, siblings, some of her closest cousins, as well as some of her friends. I thought it fitting to write one for her.

Kaci Rigney

M – Mommy and Mamoo, kind and sweet
A – Another mother to Eric in need
M – Marvelous in loving all she would meet
O – Obviously godly, she planted the seed
O – Over in that glory land – she’s singing with the angel band

C – Clock ticking, she couldn’t sleep
U – Up and cleaning, the house to keep
T – Taking time to listen and do
S – Serving those who muddled through
H – Happy to sing, a great voice, mom had
A – Adding her alto to make us all glad
W – Wonderful mother and wife – Mommy, Mamoo, here’s to your life.

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