So Few and Far Between

So Few and Far Between
Kaci Rigney

So few and far between
The days I count so rare
That you are here beside me
And my heart is laid out bare

Such fascinating rhythm
Hearts beating wild and free
Just being in your presence
My lock to your only key

I faint e’er for that day
When love is born anew
Days pass ever slowly
Our times so rare and few

But soaring to the heights
Abandon sweet and wild
Like children at their play
And laughter of the child

Those days though short and few
The ones so far between
Are sweetest in your arms
Than any fair sweet dream

My love, I love you so
My heart yearns more for you
Than grass longs for the rain
And flow’rs for morning dew

So run to me dear, swiftly
As I race to cling to you
For you’re my heart’s fair treasure
You are mine, I know, t’is true

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