Remembrances from my youth

April 25

This is not a poem in the sense of rhythm and rhyme,
but a free verse of remembrances in time.
Many things you may recall.
Some remembrances are just personal to me.

Remembrances from my youth:
Kaci Rigney

My mom playing the autoharp and singing “Requiem for a Little Boy”
every Sunday night in the 4’s and Kindergarten class at church.
Just for me…I still remember every word.

Playing dominoes with Grandma Gregory
in the little house behind our house.

Watching my Grandma Gregory braid her hip-length hair
and wrap it around her head.

Our double bunk and triple bunk beds

Camping at Calaveras Big Trees. Deer and bear hunting

Swimming in the Stanislaus River and skipping rocks

Trips to see Grandma and Granddad Cutshaw –
The only time we ever went out to eat at the A & W Root Beer stand

Playing:  inny anny over, outside hide and seek in the dark, hopscotch
jump rope, Chinese jump rope, jacks, and on the monkey bars

Jumping on the trampoline at Vickie’s house

Making furniture for my dolls out of boxes and toilet paper rolls

Mr. Rodgers and  The Cookie Monster

“I’d like to buy the world a coke”

Jumping off the swing set into the leaves at Melanie’s house

Our blue and white VW van…. spit bips and sunflower seeds

Our red and white VW van and my brother are taking their turns driving

Alice Cooper’s,  “Welcome to My Nightmare” on 8 track,
my brother Donny’s favorite.

My brother, Donny, who died of Leukemia when I was 14

My brother, Steve. playing guitar and banjo

10 cent Thrifty ice cream cones, penny candy, and gas under a dollar

Church evening – choose your favorite hymn to sing

Sunday afternoon potlucks at church and Mrs. Green’s cookies.

The Gong Show                   Gene, Gene the dancing machine!!

Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett,  Abbott, and Costello, The Three Stooges

My first piano teacher, Mrs. Estel
and my second piano teacher, Jerry Green.
I apologize that I didn’t practice. I really regret that now.

Watching reel to reel movies on the garage door.

Family Reunions, the highlight of every year singing, laughter, and love
singing again, hugs and kisses, singing more, food, more singing. Papa’s tune.

Waiting expectantly for Uncle Jimmy to Yodel or sing the rooster song.

All the aunts and uncles singing together “I’ll Fly Away”
and “The Church in the Wildwood”

Aunt Anna’s glowing round face as she sang about Jesus

Singing Aunt Chloe’s and Aunt Jean’s original songs

Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Ray, and Mommy yodeling in 3-part harmony

Card games at Grandma Cutshaw’s house…  CANASTA!

Pete Puma, Wiley Coyote, Elmer Fudd “Its Wabbit season HU-U-U-UH!”

“Such an interesting monster should have such an interesting hairdo”
Bugs Bunny and the big hairy monster

“I like to sing-a about the moon –a and the June- a and the Spring-a”
Merry Melodies

My mom singing the hymns and teaching me the parts in church.
She sang each stanza in a different part – from soprano to bass.
Of course, she sang the bass up an octave,
but she pointed out the parts to me.
That’s how I learned to read music.

Church summer camp and the swinging bridge

The Big Mac Song                                Burger King song

The Monkee’s TV show, The  Hardy Boys, Laugh-In, The Smothers Bros.

Climbing in bed with my mommy when I was scared.

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