New Year Goals

Do you start each new year with resolutions or goals? When the year comes to a close, I like to look back and see what I've accomplished. I don't have a paying job, but I work every day. What am I doing? Writing poetry, short stories, blogs, my novel, my how-to-write poetry books, putting together … Continue reading New Year Goals

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Beer! Root would be preferable. A & W Root Beer is the best. Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream for a refreshing float. Happy New Cheer! Cheer up. Throw off the doldrums of 2021. Live happily and pay it forward. Happy New Career! For you who have lost your income, I pray you will find a career perfect for your needs.

Poetry Trilogy EBook Launch

BIG NEWS!! It's release day forĀ The Love Trio:Ā Chasing Love,Ā Finding Love, andĀ Losing Love!Ā Ā Each ebook is $10, but for launching, Iā€™m selling The Love Trio for $15! My hopes are high, and I hope you will help me by sharing this news with your friends. Chasing Love, (released a few weeks ago) is an illustrated ebook filled … Continue reading Poetry Trilogy EBook Launch

Favorite Poetry

Ā  Poetry is my thing these days. Iā€™ve been on a poetry kick for a long time, both reading and writing. Looking to the greats to glean from their style, use of language, and poetic form, I have several old poetry books which I peruse. My favorite poem is ā€œSonnet 43ā€ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. … Continue reading Favorite Poetry