Years ago (nearly 30 to be exact), I began writing a Historical Christian Romance, but I had a newborn and a three-year-old. I wrote about five chapters and set it aside. Off and on through the years, I picked it up and wrote a little bit, yet it always ended back on the shelf.

I  picked up my novel writing again a little over a year ago. An 80,000 word novel is a daunting task, but I’m nearly there with about 65,000 words. Yay! I have been taking writing courses online through the Jerry Jenkin’s Writer’s Guild, attending writer’s webinars, and taking various other online classes. My hubby Kevin, a grammar geek, is one of my alpha readers. With dyslexia, I definitely need an extra set of eyes to look for funky words, grammar, and whatnot.

Other writings endeavors include:
* A devotional, based on 31 original worship songs
* Poetry and lyrics chapbooks.
* Short stories
* The first chapter for my next book
* Blogging
* Writing tips
* And, of course, music

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