Making Moving Music

Music is magical. Each time you play a song or sing a song, it is a little different. Because each time you perform a song or listen to a song, you are different. You have grown. You have experienced something new. You have become a better person. Your situation in life has changed. Your audience is new. You have more empathy. Something is different about you so the lyrics stir your heart differently; the melody may haunt you. That is the magic of music.

Not only is music magical, but it is also a universal language. Although you may not understand the words, the melody thrills you. The person playing or singing stirs your heart with their instrument, with their heartfelt rendition of the song. All of a sudden, you are changed. You have had an encounter, an experience that has rendered you different.

One time at church, I had an experience where the person singing was not really a singer, in fact, she could hardly carry a tune. Somehow through her humble praise, the way her heart for Jesus stirred my heart, the way she sang the story touched my heart. And when that happened, guess what, I bawled like a baby. Have you ever considered the thought that how you sing or how you play your instrument, could change someone’s life? It’s humbling for me. The chance that I could make a difference, bids me to be ready at every opportunity.

The Word of God says the stars sing. Science has proven that stars emit frequencies; they’ve recorded sound waves. The Bible also says that God sings over us. God created us, and He created music for us. He did so that we might hear Him in it, worship Him with it, use it to glorify Him, and let it change our lives. Maybe music is His gifting in you. Make a difference with your voice.

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