A Day Late and a Dollar Short

A day late and a dollar short! A blunderer–that’s what I am. I totally bailed. Getting my blog finished and uploaded each Friday had a hiccough yesterday. I most humbly apologize.
Now, for the life and times of the Rigney’s. Up at 4:00 A.M. for the last three days, my hubby trained colleagues in the Philippines from 5:00A.M. to 8:00A.M. Yesterday, he finished up his follow-up tasks by 9:10A.M. with already 5 hours of work on the books. He ended up taking the rest of the day off, and we got to working n a couple of projects out in the backyard. If you have been reading my blogs this summer, you know that we’ve worked diligently in the backyard this year.
Having a project in mind, we dashed off to the local ACE Hardware Store, where we picked up some spray paint and met the gardener, Nikki. What a gem! She was accommodating and quite knowledgeable, giving us some sage advice while we bought our plants. We ended up making a second trip to ACE to finish up some purchases.
Once we got home, we got busy as little bees. Kevin and I planted a bougainvillea under a lattice. I weaved the vines through, and he added sod around it with concrete edgers. Afterward, we took an old rusty wheelbarrow apart, cleaned it up, and sanded it. I spray-painted the blue wheelbarrow cranberry red, then got out my acrylic paints. I painted vines and flowers all over the sides. It was late in the day before I finished that little part of the project. Thankfully, Kevin provided two forms of lighting so I could complete it as night closed in.
Today, we got out and about as well. We picked up a couple of items we purchased through Facebook Marketplace, dropped them off at home, and headed to a “honk for a quarantine birthday drive-by party” for a great-niece.
When we returned home, Kev put the wheelbarrow back together, and I planted flowers in it. Fun project!
When we came inside, I realized I had not written my blog yesterday. So, today you get my long excuse. Haha! I know, the nerve of some people.

I hope you’ve had a great week.

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