Spring has Sprung

This week as spring has sprung and I’ve been spending time in the backyard. We’ve been experiencing windy, chilly days, but the last couple of days, even with wind, it’s been lovely. New growth. New life. New buds and flowers. Ah! The joys of Springtime!

Each season brings something we can look forward to seeing—colorful falling leaves, fluffy white snow, blooming flowers, and hot summer nights. Well, without air conditioning, the summers here are not a time I look forward to, except to say, I can spend the evenings in my oasis in the backyard. Kevin and I worked hard to get that put together last year. We couldn’t go anywhere, so we made lemonade with the lemons we got with the pandemic—lots of hours in the garden. Do you garden?

Gardening is so therapeutic. I’m looking forward to planting my veggie garden in a couple of weeks and enjoying the fruit of our labors. Until then, we purchased flowers, and I’ve been getting my hands dirty repotting beautiful flowers. Last year we bought a ton of succulents, and this year we see real growth. I’m not sure we need so many Aloe Vera plants, perhaps we’ll try to sell a few of the babies. Do you like succulents?

I see God’s handiwork in His creation, especially during Spring. Colorful hues dot the landscapes and cover the hills. Roses bloom in various shades in our backyard from our three fifty-year-old bushes. Are you aware of the beauty around you?

Last year we had so many roses. It was unbelievable. I stopped counting after the first 400 bloom I brought into the house. I think we had nearly 800 in our home. Sometimes we had as many as seven vases of flowers at a time, from March to November. Three days ago, I picked our first rose of Spring. Our bushes are full of buds, and I have my vases ready. What color roses are your favorites?

Picking our first rose of the year inspired this acrostic poem.

Spring’s First Bloom – Kaci Rigney

Spring’s first bloom a
Pleasant sight
Roses bud
In radiant light
New start, new life, new Spring, new
Growth. Colors pop – a sheer delight!

Be sure to see the beauty around you. Stop and smell the roses. 😊 Happy Spring!

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