Day 23 of National Poetry Month. I’m still at it and writing like crazy–two to five poems a day. I’m on a roll! Here’s the one for today. Happy reading! Have a wonderful day!
Blessings, Kaci

Kaci Rigney

Books, books! How many bookcases?
Books, books, books! Just look at their faces.

Romance, Crime, poetry, and Thrillers
Suspense, Cozy books, and sit and chillers

Young adult readers, Sci-Fi, and tomes
Books of fairy tales, hobbits, and gnomes

Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie
Books that could very well make your eyes misty

Historical documentaries
Encyclopedias and Mysteries

Books by scholars and exegetes
Books by cooks and all their eats

Songbooks, Hymnals, piano books, too
Opera and Broadway, I could sing for you

William Shakespeare, Dickens, and Browning
Plato and Psalms and jokes books for clowning

Dr. Seuss, Charlotte’s Web, Trumpet of the Swan
Beverly Cleary, books my kids were brought up on

Memoirs, magazines, biographies
Comic books and allegories

Tolkien, Tozer, Frank Peretti
Jerry Jenkins, and books on confetti

Christian books, picture books, the Bible, and more
I think I have anything you’re looking for

Big books, small books, old books, and new
If you bring them back, I lend them to you

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