Sleeping in with Sofie

A crash and subsequent rumblings startled me out of a deep sleep about 5:30 yesterday morning. My husband, already up and awaiting his first cup of coffee, stood in the kitchen, unaware of the commotion behind our bedroom walls. I related what I had heard, and he immediately went into action. Grabbing a flashlight and weapon of choice, he exited the backdoor and found several things on our deck knocked over. Searching for the culprit but finding none, he tidied up the mess and returned to his worried wife.

Awake now, wondering who or what had made such a ruckus and big mess in the backyard, I decided to stay up. If you haven’t guessed by now, my typical day does not begin at 5:30, but more like 7:30 – 8:00.  I thought I might take a nap later, but I got busy with a project.

Later last evening, watering our garden, I noticed our one yellow bell pepper that was nearly ready to be harvested was gone. Downcast, for it was our only one that survived for the season. I mentioned this to my hubby. He suggested an animal, but the pepper was rather large. Things that make you want to say, “Hmmm.” Oh, well, such is life.

I spent all day having a blast, working on a poetry book, researching new forms (to me), and trying my hand at them. I thank God that my hubby brings home the bacon (literally and figuratively) so I may pursue my music and writing passion. Someone recently asked a question on Facebook about careers. Something like, “When you were young, what did you want to be? And did you pursue it?” I said, “A singer. Yes.” The next question was along the lines of, “Would you change your career?” I said, “No, but I would like to be making money doing it.”

I have always been a singer—singing before I was talking, my mom told me. I pursued this, going to college for a music major, emphasis on voice. I have written a bunch of music and would like to pitch it. I have fulfilled several dreams: recording some of my music, recording a Broadway/Showtunes CD, touring, sang with some of the best choirs, been a live backup singer for several famous artists, backup singer for America’s Tenor Steve Amerson, sang for the Eugene Opera for three seasons, interviewed about my music and sang on the radio. I’ve sung for fairs, amusement parks, venues large and small and have enjoyed it all, but I have spent more money by far than what I have earned. Again, such is life. Would I change it? Not on your life. I love it.

Sleeping in with Sofie this morning, we woke up at about 9. A bit later than usual, but a nice thing once in a while. As I write this, she naps on the sofa near me. Sofie, sleeping on the sofa—a nice bit of alliteration there. As I venture on another day of writing, I hope you are pursuing your passions and dreams.

I pray as I make my music and finish my books to make a difference in the world around me. A difference for the better—to make life beautiful for someone else.

One thought on “Sleeping in with Sofie

  1. I never pursued what I had wanted to be as a child. I discovered it involved taking collage level math and other stuff like chemistry, physics etc. I wanted to be a Physical Therapist that worked with people who had MD. Then I decided to do into my other love of psychology and again I hit the road block of the college level math and sciences. I decided to get my psychology degree from a Bible college that did not require those classes. Well if I had done my homework I would have learned to practice counseling in my state it requires a minimum of a Masters degree and i had an unaccredited bachelors degree. Meaning none of my psychology credits would transfer and I was missing around 20 classes to even apply for a masters program. At age 34 I put that career on the shelf to die. Now at 55 I am writing my first book. Maybe I will make a few dollars from it but probably not enough to call it making a living. I also draw but i hear artists starve too LOL.


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