It’s Nanowrimo month

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is upon us—a month dedicated to writing a novel with a goal of 50,000 words in a single month. Quite a feat. Are you taking part?

A few years ago, I tried NaNoWriMo without signing up as, frankly, I didn’t think I could accomplish such a feat. My novel, which I’m embarrassed to say, has yet to be completed, gained 29,000 words—the challenge proved helpful, even though I missed the goal. Why not give it another shot?

I’ve been cranking out the books this year, small as they are. A 10-day devotional and four booklets on how to write poetry. (Now, the goal to get them published is upon me.) So, my decision to sign up this year seemed a good idea. 

A few short stories have filled my electronic journal over the past couple of years, so I’ve chosen one to pursue for NaNoWriMo. So far, the writing process is going well. I go back and edit, which slows me down, but I’m trending well to make the goal. However, it is only November 5th, and the goal is daunting. Encouragement is always helpful. Do you need encouragement today?

What happening your way? Are you writing or pursuing your dreams? How may I encourage you?

Want to send me a few pages of your story, a poem or two, or a video of you singing? I would be happy to look at it and encourage your pursuits. Sign up on my subscription page and comment on what you would like to send. We’ll get this party started. Blessings as you pursue your goals and dreams.

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