Psalm 139

An excerpt from my book Psalm 139: A 10-Day Devotional.
Day 1
You Know Me

O Lord, You have searched me, and You know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise;
You perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down;
You are familiar with all my ways. (NIV ®)

God knows me. This may frighten some people. It’s terrifying when my sin haunts me or stares me in the face. He sees everything that I do and even knows what I think. But the longer I have followed Him, the more I understand that His grace is sufficient for me. Because He loved me, because He gave His only Son to die for me, because He chose me from before the foundation of the world, I don’t want to do anything to break fellowship with Him.
            God knows me. It comforts me more than you could ever realize. God knows me. He has searched my heart and my motives. When I wander away, he knows. He knows when I am inactive or when I act on what He has for me to do. He knows what I am thinking—my secrets, passions, sins, dreams, needs, and vulnerabilities. My Father knows why I do what I do even when I don’t. He knows where I go and who I hang with. He knows me better than I know myself. The funny thing is—God loves me, despite who I am and because of whose I am.
            He created me, chose me, and cares for me. When I am down, He cheers me. When I am far from Him, He chases after me. When I am careening off the path, He chastens me. When I am crying, He cradles and comforts me. When hope and peace seem far from reach, He comforts me. God knows me inside and out, and I am content knowing He does.

Inside Out
Inside out, You know me
When I rise and when I sleep
When I laugh, Your smile I see
When I cry, my tear, You keep

For all this and so much more
I love you more than before

You hold me when I’m scared
You’re with me all my days
You hear me all I’ve shared
You love me in spite of my ways

For all this and so much more
I love you more than before

Mercies new, You give each day
You forgive and wash me clean
You hear me when I pray
When I’m weak, on You, I lean

For all this and so much more
I love you more than before

Engraved my name upon Your hand
On Your heart, I’ll always be
Thoughts of me outnumber sand
You write songs and sing over me

For all this and so much more
I love You more than before
~ Kaci Rigney

How does this realization of God knowing everything about you comfort you?

I’m glad You know me, God, and I can rest assured that my life is safe within Your hands because You love me. I love that You love me. When I awake each morning, go before me and guard my life. When I sleep, go before me and protect my dreams. And let my words and thoughts be pure in Your sight. Thank you, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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