Plate Spinning

Projects. How many spinning plates are you holding? Sometimes, I think I have too many, but I tire of one project and move on to another. What about you?

Some people think that having too many means you’ll never finish one. That’s a possibility for sure. Perhaps I should schedule a project for each day of the week: one novel on Monday, the other on Tuesday, my poetry chapbooks on Wednesday, my how-to-write poetry books on Thursday, and blogging and other admin work on Friday.

The problem with this is inspiration. Sigh. What if I have poetry ideas on Monday? What if I don’t know what scene to write on Tuesday?

And, of course, there’s the “we’re moving” bit going on. So, I’m packing and trying to keep the house up for showings. More plates to spin.

I know I should tackle one project at a time. That would be the optimum, wouldn’t it? What do you do when you have multiple projects?

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