Moving and Back to Writing

I’ve been missing in action lately. I apologize. We are moving. In fact, we’ve been moving over the course of the last three weeks, and we still have more moving to do. This explains my absence. I know, excuses, excuses.
We now live 200 miles south of our previous address, and the unpacking and searching for needed items have commenced. It took me a week to find my computer equipment. Sigh. But it’s a lovely day here in the Central Valley of California, and I’m finally ready to get back into the writing process.
Last week, I enjoyed a three-day worship songwriting webinar, then a first-page manuscript rewrite webinar through The Jerry Jenkins Writer’s Guild yesterday. I signed up for a two-day online writer’s conference for late next week and another webinar the day before that begins. Got to get rolling again!
So, how’s the writing coming along for you? Are you taking advantage of free webinars or tips from authors’ websites? I’m giving Jerry a plug. You’ll find many helpful writing blogs and resources on his website, And read in your genre – a lot!
If you are writing poetry, read poetry. Read the greats and the unknowns. Check out poetry groups on Facebook or google poetry websites. Check out what’s out there, but write how you want to write, and don’t let what’s trending get in your way. Although nonrhyming poems are all the rage, rhyming poems still resonate with readers. Send me a poem at I would love to read what’s on your heart. If you would like help, ask. I would be happy to give you some feedback.
Are you writing music? I’ve done so for over forty years. Need some help or honest feedback? Let me know by sending me a link to your music channel.
Happy writing, and sing often, my friends!

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