Life Happens

Ugh! Wouldn’t you know it? NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is almost over. Besides the fact that I’m made allowances for not writing daily, I did not make allowances for migraines. My 20-25,000 words are down to a little over 5,000. Well, that is better than nothing. I’ve had headaches nearly every day this month. Not only is this painful, but this also throws my balance off and causes brain fog. (Cue in Monty Python, “My brain hurts” here.) I went to see my doctor who prescribed a new medicine for this pain from hades and was denied by our insurance. On top of that (just a little rant here) the other new diabetic med that I have taken for six weeks is now unavailable until APRIL! Really?

There was a glitch in the launching of my three new books, so I had to close down my online store for the moment until I resolve the situation. And we all know the frustration of starting everything on a new laptop with new formats and updated apps. Nice. So…let’s just say that my irritation is off the charts right now.
Can you say, “Life happens?”

Okay, rant over. Better news next week. As Grandma would say, “This too shall pass.” Please, God, soon.

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