Happy New Year!!

Written by Kaci Rigney

Happy New Beer! Root would be preferable. A & W Root Beer is the best. Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream for a refreshing float.
Happy New Cheer! Cheer up. Throw off the doldrums of 2022. Live happily and pay it forward.
Happy New Career! For you who have lost your income, I pray you will find a career perfect for your needs.
Happy New Dear! Be a dear to all you meet, and especially to the ones you have at home.
Happy New Ear! Let’s truly listen to one another with patience, kindness, and compassion.
Happy New Fear? Nay! Let us not live by fear but by faith that 2023 will be a better year for all of us.
Happy New Gear! Gear up with the full armor of God, and don’t forget to wear your mask or hazmat suit. Stay well.
Happy New Hear! Be slow to speak and quick to listen. We don’t always have to have the last say or push our opinions on others.
Happy New Jeer? Nope. There has been too much jeering lately. Let’s smile instead. Make someone’s day.
Happy New Lear! If you get one of these jets, let’s enjoy a ride, please. 🙂
Happy New Near! Let’s all pray that we can be near each other. Hugs are the best!
Happy New Peer! Meet someone new? Make a new friend.
Happy New Pier! If all else fails, go fishing.
Happy New Rear! Haha! With a bum hip, I could sure use a new one. Or maybe the problem is we’ve gained a bit of weight staying home and need to shed some of it. So let’s eat right and exercise.
Happy New Sear! Get out there and grill. Nothing’s tastier than a steak seared to perfection.
Happy New Tear! Yes. Tears of joy for 2023!
Happy New Veer! If you have veered off track, you can always veer in the right direction–back on the straight and narrow where the pasture is sweetest.
Happy New Year! I hope you will all be blessed and find joy in 2023.
With all my love, Kaci Rigney.

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