I happen to be dyslexic, so I have my hubby read through my posts before sending them out into the void. He’s my grammar guy, and for that, I am most grateful. I leave out words, misspell words, and commas drive me crazy! There are too many, though important, comma rules, e.g. “Let’s eat grandma” vs.”Let’s eat, Grandma.” Another issue for me, especially when tired, is spelling words that are similar, such as “calvary” and “cavalry.” My mind just can’t process it sometimes — and I’m a writer. Yep. God has a sense of humor, for sure! Reading aloud is a disaster most of the time. You can imagine how I read the grocery store’s name, “Smart and Final.” This malady spills over into my normal speech patterns. Many times I can’t find a word or must unscramble a word before I can speak it. Sometimes funky words come right out of my mouth and I have to laugh at myself, which brings me to this morning’s conversation.

I followed my hubby to the repair shop to check on some maintenance for my Lincoln MKT. On our way back home, we discussed the subject of grammar, misspelled words, and misused words. He was mentioning a person on his team at work that constantly sends messages with misspelled words and grammar mistakes. I popped off with, “Someone needs to preafrood!” We howled with laughter. The pun is strong with this one. Preafrood or rather proofread your documents. I guess we could all preafrood what comes out of our mouths as well.

Have a blessed day! (P.S. My husband proofed this post.)

2 thoughts on “Preafrood

  1. I understand the NEED for excellence in what we put out to the world but at time the focus is so focused in never having an error and everything follows the CMS that it can suck the enjoyment and creativity right out of our message.


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