Peace in Upheaval

In upheaval, people are nervous, frightened, angry, and uncertain. I'm sure there are many more adjectives I could use here. But how many are at peace? And how did they arrive there? I have relatives glued to the news right now, wondering what will happen to our beloved country. I don't have cable; therefore, I … Continue reading Peace in Upheaval

Are You Open?

The country may be closed; your state perhaps is shut down, your favorite stores closed until further notice or may never open, but is your heart open?Many people are afraid to go out--between COVID-19 and political upheaval, so I don't blame them. And with good reason. COVID-19 is a scary disease, especially for the elderly … Continue reading Are You Open?

The Journey

You and I are going on a journey. Which way are you going? Are you going my way? Are you walking down the narrow path with me? What's in your luggage? Everyone brings something. Did you pack your irritation, your self-loathing, your frustration? What about your hurt, your disappointment, or your disillusions? Frailties? Failures? Foolishness? … Continue reading The Journey

The Door

They're crouching outside the door, calling to you, "Let us in." You love them and hate them at the same time. You want to; the desire is there. The fun, the excitement, the thrill calls you. But, you know the guilt, the anguish, the self-loathing that will be a result. It would be best if … Continue reading The Door

Beyond Belief

Before belittling my bemusing blog, I beseech, behold its beauty. Beloved Bride, Between begin and become, it behooves us to believe the best, befriend, behave, and belong, betide. Beautifully beholden to bequeath, to bestir beyond breath, on behalf of this behest bejeweled beauty before, behind, and beside our begotten. Beware the beguiler beneath--who befogs, befuddles, … Continue reading Beyond Belief