As You look through your house, what do you see? Your home reflects you, your style, your likes, your passions. As fashions change, do yours change? As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we have been purging. In January, we eliminated 500 items to declutter our home. Lately, I find myself walking by an object … Continue reading Reflection

Update on Treasures

On a recent post, I wrote about purging items from our home. 497 items, a 31 day give away challenge--now completed! In fact we made it an even 500. Some things were easy to give away, some a little more difficult. But after releasing them, I felt freer. I'm actually looking forward to doing this … Continue reading Update on Treasures


"Do not store up for yourselves treasures..." Over the last twenty-two days, Kevin and I have been purging—going through clothes, shoes, movies, and random stuff in our home. One would think this a monumental task, overwhelming because of the challenging way we decided to do it. It seemed easy at first. January 1, we set … Continue reading Treasures