Beyond Belief

Before belittling my bemusing blog, I beseech, behold its beauty.

Beloved Bride,

Between begin and become, it behooves us to believe the best, befriend, behave, and belong, betide.

Beautifully beholden to bequeath, to bestir beyond breath, on behalf of this behest bejeweled beauty before, behind, and beside our begotten.

Beware the beguiler beneath–who befogs, befuddles, befools, and bedevils. Beelzebub below beckons then begrudges, besmirches, begrimes, betrays, berates, and besieges.

Bemoan and bewail not. Let bygones be bygones. Belay bereavement betwixt this betrayal, of the said beast, and our beloved betrothed. For behold, the beast will, by and by, begone from before the blessed.

So beforehand, beware, bechance he bedim, bewitch, and bedazzle you. Bestir beatitudes befitting a believer—bestowing bountiful, becoming behavior, bedecked in bespeckled bedight because it is biblically befitting.

Belay believing the beguiling beast betimes and believe, brethren, our beloved Bridegroom.

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