Play All Day

Poetry has been a love of mine for decades. I have been writing poetry and songs for over forty years (yes, started in the womb.) I don’t believe I would share some of my work with anyone, but I am glad to share most of it. I’m sure most, if not all, artists feel the same about their own writing.

In April 2013, a friend challenged me to write 30 poems in 30 days as part of National Poetry Month. For a while, I had all 30 days’ worth of poems on my website. I have taken a few down since then for various reasons. However, there were a few I kept (again, for multiple reasons.)

I can’t explain how much I love alliteration. You will find it within many of my blogs, poems, songs, and other writings. Another type of poetry is anadiplosis. It is usually where the ending words of a stanza begin the next stanza. This can also be found within verses. Nearly every verse is anadiplosis writing in at least two of my own pieces. This form of poetry is found within my song “Gone Away,” which you will find on my site under Original Songs, and within the poem “Play All Day,” shown below. I hope you enjoy it.

Play All Day
Kaci Rigney

Piano to play
Play all-day
Day and Night
Night ‘til bright
Bright with sun
Sun for fun
Fun for all
All in all
All to sing
Sing to bring
Bring the smile
Smile a while
While I play
Play all-day

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