Can Phone

Life is full of ups and downs. This year has really been on the down list. But, let’s think for a moment of the ups. We could all use a little joy in our lives about now.

Remember when we were kids? Outside, most of the time, playing in the neighborhood, having to be called in for dinner, playing hide and seek out in the dark. Perhaps you lived in a world with the internet growing up. Not me. I ran and played with my friends, walked all over town, and played can-phone. Those of you who have never heard of such a thing, go on the web and look it up. Haha! It worked. It was so cool. Fun times!

I hope you all know that God is in control. Nothing surprises Him, and nothing can keep His will from being carried out. He is not astonished at the plague; he is not daunted by riots and looting. All will be set aright in His eyes. Justice will prevail, not in our timing, and maybe not as we deem fit, but have no doubt, God’s justice will prevail. We don’t really need to understand it; we just need to have faith that He is who He says He is, and He will accomplish His plans for this world.

This isolation time has brought frustration to some, but it has also brought joy to others. I have several friends and family who are single. Sheltering in place has been difficult for the lack of social gatherings, even small ones. I have made an effort to reach out to some of these and chat on the phone or text to lift their spirits. It raises mine as well, as I have talked with them more often since the pandemic than the months prior. We’re catching up. πŸ™‚

I laughed with one friend the other day, who is an introvert. She told me that if she had it her way, she would shelter in place more often. Unfortunately, this friend contracted COVID-19 and suffered for months with no respite. We spoke or texted every day. I wished that I could have helped her more. Recovery has been long and tedious.

I enjoy being with other people and have found that I am antsy to get back to having people over and going out to dinner with friends. For years, Kevin and I traded off hosting dinner and canasta parties with our friends. I miss those days. But we are looking forward to a time when people are open to fellowship.

Yes, we miss our time with our church family. But, we have been listening to a variety of preachers each week and not just on Sundays. I miss singing with a church choir or making music with my Christian family within the congregation. But, on the other hand, I found out the hard way I am allergic to the one thing that cured my 15-month migraine. Great thing? My headaches are all but gone. Bad thing? The medicine targeted my vocal cords. I haven’t been up to par singing since November of last year, so I believe I would be sad to sit and listen but not participate in the singing.

Isolation has helped me to rest my voice and heal. I do sing a little, but not like I used to. I think singing all day may be a thing of the past. I haven’t been thinking much about that, for I have been concentrating on another project.

I am writing a novel. Funny thing, I started it nearly 30 years ago. It had a long shelf life, Haha! I set it aside while raising our girls. I started writing again about this time last year. I did a lot of rewriting, editing, research, listening to writing webinars, going to online writers’ conferences, etc. Jerry Jenkins, the writer of the Left Behind series, has a writer’s guild that I have been a member of for a few years. I have learned a great deal from all the guild classes, tips, and office hours with Jerry. I am even doing a little bit of editing for a few writer friends. Not grammar, I am terrible at that! But, content, redundancies, things like that. I am taking advantage of this time to accomplish something I’ve wanted to do for years. This makes me smile. Makes me motivated to do other things, like blog.

I’m thankful that Kev works from home. We like the same kind of movies (he will even watch chick flix with me. Yay!) I love to read, he loves to read to me. Score! –for this dyslexic girl! We have been reading books together, and Kev is so kind as to read chapters from my book aloud. Sigh, I must say, he’s a keeper. And, I can bounce ideas off him too. πŸ™‚

Out of all the doom, defeat, and despair out there, have you found beauty in the ashes? Have you bonded more with your kids? Have you cultivated a better relationship with your spouse? Have you rekindled old friendships through social media or by using the phone? Just something to ponder as we look at our new normal. I decided months ago that I wasn’t going to complain all day about being stuck at home. I found something to do instead.

I’d love to chat. I got my can, and I’ve attached the paperclip and string; let me know what’s happening on your end of the line. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Can Phone

  1. Re: Can Phone
    I remember making those in grade school (we won’t mention the years, but let’s say that the Beatles and other rock groups were crushing the music scene!)
    My problem in using these is I kept leaning in instead of holding the string taut. Reason why? I couldn’t hear my friend on the other end as clearly as the instructions made this “can phone” invention out to be. I kept getting yelled at “Stop leaning towards me and pull the string tighter!”
    The following come to mind:
    1) Trust your “line of communication” to do the job. If it’s not working, find another means that does.
    2) Don’t yell at somebody if they’re not getting your message. Find another way to deliver that’s engaging.
    3) I actually want to make these with my grandkids and get their reactions. If they do the same as their grandpa did at that age, we’ll know where they got their behavior from.

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  2. I have to say my desire to write has not been there this week. The fires and effects of smoke on me has really dampened my creative juices. I am still at home with no in person interaction and that is also draining on me too. Fb and peoples blogs have been my connection to the outside world since Covid shut everything down.

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    1. This has been such a trying time, hasn’t it? I have written very little in my novel in two weeks. I sympathize with your plight. It’s difficult to find the willpower to write. The air quality is getting better here and we’ve been working outside. Hoping you’ll be writing soon. Blessing, Teresa.


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