Fire Spreads

‘Tis a dark orange morning. There is a chill in the air after the weekend of soaring temperatures of 110 degrees or more. Eight o’clock, and there is no sign of the sun. Ash floats around in the air and covers whatever it touches. A feeling of foreboding falls across the land. My heart lurches at the eerie sight.
Fire spreads its blazing path across the state as first responders airlift frightened people trapped in its wake. The animals of the wild roam towns with no place else to go. Ancient oaks and sequoias, among many other lovely flora and fauna, are lost in the aftermath. The whole west coast is full of smoke and ash as the fire sweeps through the land.
Gale force winds fuel the fire’s spread as firefighters from all across the United States come to our aid, battling the blaze. Scorched hills and trees line the highways and byways, evidence of fires contained. But, acres upon acres of smoldering and scarred land from Washington to Mexico burn with no end in sight. Whole communities are forced to evacuate as the infernos threaten entire cities.
Oh, God, hear our pleas for Your mercy. Send much-needed rain; we need Your showers of healing for our land. Please, contain the winds within Your mighty hand. Protect our firefighters. Give them wisdom and understanding. Hear the prayers of those scared and wondering if their homes will be lost. Heal our land, sovereign God.
In Jesus’ name

One thought on “Fire Spreads

  1. @Fire Spreads
    It’s an eerie sight indeed, to the level of apocalyptic. We have heard from family and friends throughout Oregon that they are close to fire lines and prepared to evacuate. Lord, we pray for a healing refreshment on our land, our country, our beings, as we live in fear of pandemics, epidemics, protests, riots, fires, and floods. We pray for all of our first responders, regardless of badges or medical personnel, to have their skills and trainings continually strengthened by you as we endure these disasters. You are holy, sovereign, and do miracles! We pray for miracles, we pray for healing, we pray for a collective repentance and acknowledge you are Lord of all and will see us through these unprecedented and cataclysmic times. As the song goes, “If we ever needed the Lord before, we sure do need Him now…”

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