In Him We Live

My Christ-centered life has me pondering in the light of these days and writing blogs about how we ought to live as Christ would have us live—showing love in a world where political correctness, offense, and hatred seem to rule the roost. You may hope the government will improve this situation, but there is a false-hope in this thinking. Christian persecution will be on the rise in the United States as it is in other countries. Those who want tolerance will not be tolerant if we do not kowtow to their way of thinking, posting, and speaking. Censorship is significantly on the rise, and many of our liberties stand in the wake of destruction. Perhaps that is why I have felt I must speak on how we should live our lives for Christ. In the church, apostasy is rampant, some for fear of the man and political correctness, some leaning dangerously toward the swing of culture.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His ways, His thoughts, His message is the same from the beginning of time. Culture cannot change it. They may try to put God in a different box, but He does not bend a knee to our whims and become the genie of love, tolerance, and self-absorbancy. Any wind of doctrine does not sway God; unfortunately, we tend to be deceived and swayed. The crazy thing is some jump at the chance without thinking it through. Sure, it may sound right, and it lets us be who we want to be. But, that is the problem. We need to be who God says we need to be. We bend a knee to Him and His way. His way is narrow—the way that leads to life. Few find it. The broad way leads to destruction and death. It is the easier path. Many take it, for they don’t want to be accountable to a sovereign being, even if that Being loves them, died for them, and wants the best for them.

Beloved of God, be strong. Put on the armor of God; evil is prolific in the world. The spiral of Romans 1 is evident to the point of a depraved mind. Don’t take a watered-down version of His truth. If you do, it is no longer truth but a lie from the pit of hell. Be sure you attend, in person or online, a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. Immerse yourself in the worship of the True and Living God. Believe in Him and everything He ordained in His Word—love and justice, mercy and judgment, Heaven and Hell.

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