Vacation & Books

If anyone has wondered why I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been on vacation. Kevin and I took a trip just north of Chicago to visit his birth family. We hadn’t been able to visit in three years. Our time was sweet with family, and we saw all but two. We had missed each other so much, I just cried, hugging those precious family members.

We had planned on vacation there last year, tickets bought and all, but COVID. We were still concerned about this trip, but by the grace of God, all travel uninterrupted, and we were vigil in our mask-wearing and are vaccinated. We’ve been home several days now and still feel well.

We had also planned to go in 2019, but migraines kept me homebound most of the year. For those that suffer from migraines, I get you. Fifteen months of constant pain. Ugh. On that front, I am still suffering. The headaches are daily but not as severe as they were. They began in October of 2018. The doctors cannot find the root cause, so I just have to live with them. Boy, did I have a doozy of one coming home from our trip!

Uncle Joe, Mama Penny’s brother, is a character. We love his sayings. Our two favorites are “Pen, it’s a choice” and “Life’s like that.” So true—both statements. Everything we do in life is a choice. We live with those consequences, good or bad. But sometimes, life’s like that—Murphey’s Law and all.

Our house sitter, dog watcher, garden keeper, Denise, proved a win with our Sofie girl. They bonded well, and Sofie is now looking for her around the house. She anxiously watched and whined as Denise packed her bags and headed out. It’s clear she misses her. “Sofie, life’s like that.”

Since returning, books 2 and 3 in my series of writing poetry, A Poetic Journey, have been completed. Nearly completed before our vacation, I took them with us, hoping to have a moment here and there to finish. I didn’t even crack the laptop open, of which I am now grateful—the time well spent. I will check in with my beta readers to see who is willing to help me out again. The books are short but packed full of various forms of poetry. I hope that when they are ready, you will consider purchasing them. They have been so fun to write and I don’t believe I am through with the series, as there are so many more poetry forms to explore. 😊

Speaking of poetry, Life’s Like That may end up a title in my Like That series of poetry chapbooks. I like the ring of it and can give Uncle Joe credit for the name. The Like That series is being compiled—40-years-worth of lyrics and poetry to sift through and categorize into books. More on that another time.

Well, there you have it. That’s my news. Write often, my friend, and write well. “Pen, it’s a choice.”

2 thoughts on “Vacation & Books

  1. So glad you enjoyed the trip despite the daily headaches. Oh I bet Sofie misses her new friend! They just don’t understand sometimes when and why people come and go. I look forward to your books on how to write poetry when they are done.

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