Don’t you love them? They’re the bestest ever! I know, bestest is not a word. But I have the bestest friends. You know the ones that come to your rescue, with excitement even. Some you haven’t seen in ages, but when you get together, its like you spoke to them last week instead of five years ago. I love that.

We all have busy lives. So busy sometimes that we don’t call or see our dear friends. But they know we love them, and we know they love us. “A friend loves at all times,” the Bible says. When they want to hug you and laugh or hug you and tell you they’re sorry. Or maybe, hug you and not say anything, because their hug means everything in their heart they can’t express in words.

The old saying, ‘to have a friend, you must first be a friend.” Truth. If you can count the number of your true friends on one hand, count yourself blessed. “A friend sticks closer than a brother,” is another saying from the Bible. I have one friend in town that has been my friend for 40+ years. We have lived miles and miles apart most of our friendship, but we are always glad to see each other. We have talked silly and serious; shared heartaches, blessings, weddings, births, deaths, scary situations, and life hurdles together. What a blessing to have a friend like Karen in my life. I thank God for her friendship.

I haven’t seen Denise in six years. She lives 400 miles away. We don’t talk often, but I love her. Yesterday, I was faced with a dilemma. Plans fell through for our vacation regarding the care for our Sofie girl. Denise came to mind. I called her and asked her if she might be able to come to housesit, take care of Sofie, and water our garden. Within a half an hour, plans were settled. She’s coming. Just like that. She’s excited to help and we are excited and relieved to have that help. She’s just that kind of person; that kind of friend. She’s coming early so we can visit, and will take us and pick us up from the airport so we don’t have to pay for parking. I can’t thank her enough for willingness and friendship.

A Poetic Journey is a book series I am writing on how to write poetry. I thought I would share a poem I wrote about “Friends” from book one. Anadiplosis is using the end word in a stanza as the beginning word of your next stanza. I went a little overboard and used it often within the verses as well. Hope you enjoy and can say, “I have a friend like that.”

Kaci Rigney

I want friends.
Friends who treat me right.
Right friends – not the ones who
Just want something from me.
What about you?
Want to be friends with me?

Me? I want good friends.
Friend who tell me things –
Things I may not want to hear,
But the stuff I need to know.
What about you?
Is that what you want, too?

To hear what I have to say?
Say what you mean.
Mean what you say,
If you want to be my friend.
How about it?
Want to be friends with me?
I’m game if you are.

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