Christmas is upon us

December is upon us and the frantic race for the perfect Christmas gifts is on.
The decorations are up, and the house looks festive. Stacks of Christmas CDs sit waiting their turn by the stereo.

Christmas Greetings!

Christmas used to be the busiest time of year for me as a performer—fifteen concerts in nineteen days between two choirs. Exhausting, but what a joy to be singing of the birth of the King of kings! Performing is at a standstill, especially over the last couple of years. I miss it.

But pandemic or not, Christmas is a go! We’ll order everything online and send gifts via snail-mail. No running around from store to store, like the old days. We used to wait until the last minute to do our shopping and frantically ran around—fun but exhausting!

I’m thinking of my mom. It’s been nineteen years today since she passed away. But lo-and-behold, God gave me the gift of a grandchild born on the same day as her death, to assuage my aching heart. My mom shopped all year long for Christmas—purchasing gifts when something caught her eye. Mom tucked them away, making a list of the gifts and for whom they belonged. With four grown children and thirteen grandchildren, mama had to use her money wisely. I keep telling myself that I should buy throughout the year like she did, but somehow, that never seems to happen.

Christmas plans are small this year again, with just the two of us, but we will make merry. We’ll see the kids and the grandchildren, more than likely, after the new year.

What are your plans for Christmas? Do you cram a Christmas shopping spree into a few days or do you organize your list and plan?

3 thoughts on “Christmas is upon us

  1. With no family or children etc I do not do much for Christmas. I have 1 local in my same town friend that we exchange a gift with each other and that is bought and just waiting for a time she is free to meet me at my front door to pass the gift. Nope we don’t get together for coffee or anything as she never has the time only enough for a quick fly by my door LOL. It has been that way all the years I have known her as we use to sort of work together (different companies but same line of work LOL) Ya its complicated. She is a Martha, and I am a Mary LOL See Luke chapter 10 🙂 She is also not a Christian and I am.


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