Music Fundamentals update

December 20, 2021, sees the end of the music fundamentals class in Haiti via Go-to-meeting. Though technical difficulties fraught to dissuade us; once rooted out, the joy of teaching music prevailed.

Every week, the students pray for each other and me, and we end the class by singing to the Lord. To hear them sing praises when their country is in turmoil teaches me humility. They may not realize how their faith has helped me trust God more. Monday, before their final, I’ll tell them what a privilege teaching them has been, and how my faith has grown.

Each class takes hours of prep time, developing a curriculum, PowerPoint presentations, notes for myself and for them—many are hand-written and scanned, then sent to the translator.

I enter the meeting fifteen minutes early, but because of connectivity issues, it may be half an hour after class time before we begin. Between 12:15 and 2:30, I’m fortunate if I have an hour and a half of teaching time with the interpreter. It’s just how it is there, with spotty internet.

But let me say, it’s worth it. Let me reiterate, a joy! Eager students bring that out in a teacher. I felt it firsthand with my Haitian students.

2 thoughts on “Music Fundamentals update

  1. One thing I know I would learn from this is what w take for granted (good connections) they do not have that luxury like we do and their perseverance in patience for class to start is a great lesson to learn. Here in America by the time the connection was made you would be greeted with an empty room as we are impatient people and if something does not start right on time we just get up and leave. We could learn a lot from other places that do not have the luxury of instant anything. And how waiting does pay off. Also, would tach us from cramming so much into each day leaving no room for stalls and inconveniences.

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