Year-End Round-up and giveaway

I hope your year has been productive. So much is not happening as it should. We need to be with each other and not so confined. I pray the pandemic will soon end and we can get back to whatever normal is. Meanwhile, I hope you have been using your time wisely.
My year in a nutshell:
* A Poetic Journey: Books 1-4, completed in the summer, need a publisher. I am working on book five.
* I await an answer from Zondervan, on permission to use the NIV Bible for Psalm 139: A 10-day Devotional before publishing.
* Writing poetry this year has been such a joy, with over three hundred poems added to my arsenal. And I am working diligently to complete 10-12 poetry chapbooks in the Like That Series within the next couple of weeks.
* Several short stories have found their way out of my head and onto the computer as well.
* Music Fundamental for Haiti finished last week. Eleven out of fourteen students passed the final, which pleases me.
* Other works in process include a Christian Historical Romance With Rapture Kiss (so far 70,000 words strong), and its 40-page poetry/lyric companion chapbook. And a contemporary romance, Your Sweet Melody, which has, as of today, 30,000 words.
Time marches on and we must march with it or be left to wander aimlessly, wasting what little time we have on this earth. Let’s make our time here count. Here’s to another full year of dreams becoming goals a reality.
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Be safe tonight and always,

2 thoughts on “Year-End Round-up and giveaway

  1. I understand the need for permission to publish an entire chapter of the Bible yet at the same time I think it is sad that we need that kind of permission for Bible chapters. Happy New Year!


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