Meet Chester

Meet Chester, my first snowman. While on vacation in Arkansas, it snowed a good four inches, and my sister-in-law Karry and I had a blast building Chester. He is sporting my scarf and my mom’s black hat.

Having never built a snowman, it surprised me how much work it turned out to be. Lots of squats rolling the snow on the ground, then patting the fluffy snow into place. Rolling some more and patting again until it’s big enough and you need to start on another snowball. I haven’t had that kind of workout in a long time. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Just look at him. He’s wonderful!

Are you trying to build something wonderful? Are you building your vocal muscle memory? What about your vocal range? Are you working on expanding your breath support? Are you plotting a story? Do you want to design a poem or a song? Do you know how to construct a chord progression?

There’s so much work to be done. And it’s not all that easy. It takes some hard work. Are you up for it? But maybe I can help. I’d like to encourage you and help you fit the pieces together. Email me or leave a comment. I love to go on this journey with you.

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