Surprise Within a Surprise

Last week, I wrote about surprising my hubby’s birth mom for her 80th birthday. This week is about the surprise for me that week.

We landed at frosty Midway Airport, got our rental car, and headed toward our hotel in Lake County, IL. With my phone switched from airplane to normal mode, I discovered a congratulatory email from my alma mater. Several months had passed since I submitted five poems for a contest. I had all but given up until I got the notice that I had won third place!

This particular poem, “Cover Me,” is based on Mama Penny praying, “May the blood of Christ cover you,” over everyone who enters her home. The poem the birthday girl inspired, the one I intended to read at her party, would be published in California Baptist University’s magazine, Dazed Starling Spring Edition, 2022.

God orchestrates our lives with His baton of blessings.

~ Kaci Rigney

How elated was I? I could have touched the stars! Not just because I would be published (though that’s a huge deal), but because it was written with mom in mind. I was able to share this honor with her at her birthday celebration with a grateful heart to the Lord Jesus, whom we serve.

May the blood of Christ cover you.

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