Yesterday was a balm to my soul. When was the last time I had lunch out with girlfriends? A crazy long time. I miss it so much. I see these ladies almost every Sunday, but we get little time to chat.

As a social person, the first year of the pandemic irritated me. Soon, I thought it better to embrace the idea and get some work done. I set up a writing schedule. What? The girl who flies by the seat of her pants? Yep, when life gives you lemons, eat ‘em with salt! Or make lemonade. You can wallow or you can work it to your advantage. Not comparing eating lemons with lemonade. Love ‘em either way. Just saying that we need to make use of what we have, right? I got busy!

Wrote poems, songs, short stories, worked on my novel, started a new one, blogged, revamped my website; I’ve been a busy bee! It helped to keep my mind on something productive instead of being scared to go out and possibly get sick. Incidentally, by the grace of God, and by wearing a mask, I haven’t been sick in two years. I usually get the flu each year, even with the flu shot. And, I get two or three head colds, which always make their way to my lung where pneumonia or bronchitis sets in. I should be thankful, and I am.

Anyway, back to lunch. My friend Val and I share a birthday month, so we went to lunch. A couple of other friends joined us and, ah, a lovely respite. Chatting, laughing, and crying together. It’s what my soul needed.

My heart felt light as I came home with a lovely birthday card in my purse, and a wonderful memory to keep.

There’s a time to toil and a time to play. Cherish those times with friends. They are worth more than you can imagine.

2 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. So happy for you! It has been years since I got together with people, I know locally…That is a long story not for now. But Oct 2021 I did with a group of writers in Washington (I live in Oregon) and then again in Feb 2022 at an in person writers/speakers’ event in North Carolina. I chuckle about how I have to travel out of state to find in person time LOL.


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