Haunting Poems

As Halloween approaches, I’ve been writing scary poems – really not my norm, but it’s fun. I thought to share one not so scary this week and maybe a scary one for next week. Hope you enjoy!

Dying Dwelling
~ Kaci Rigney (c) 2022
the old house sighs,
the ghosts have flown.
with ghosties gone
and all alone
it rests in peace
as one should do.
she thinks of those
who knew her new.

in silent halls
wallpaper peels;
on silent walls
she sees the reels
of children’s play
when she was loved –
now in dismay
for they’ve but moved.

but, still – she lies
with this and that,
a plant that dies,
a ball, a bat.
once echoed halls
the giggles ceased;
no laughter falls
the house deceased.

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