A Halloween Haunting

I accepted a challenge to write thirteen poems for Halloween. Not my normal, but fun anyway. Here is the second of two promised to you.A Halloween Haunting ~ Kaci Riney (C) 2022Lightning flashed, the crypts displayedAs two strolled where dead were laidPausing where the friends they knewRested there, graves stones askewBut tonight the gatheringUnalive yet, … Continue reading A Halloween Haunting

Haunting Poems

As Halloween approaches, I've been writing scary poems - really not my norm, but it's fun. I thought to share one not so scary this week and maybe a scary one for next week. Hope you enjoy! Dying Dwelling ~ Kaci Rigney (c) 2022the old house sighs,the ghosts have flown.with ghosties goneand all aloneit rests … Continue reading Haunting Poems