Alliteration is one of my favorite writing devices. Alliteration uses the same initial consonant sound as nearby words. Snakes slither silently. The idea is sound, not necessarily letter. So, kind and knit don’t work, but Newton the gnu with pneumonia knew how to knit nicely does. G’s have a hard and soft sound. So gentle and just work. Also, C’s have hard and soft sounds, so kind and careful work, and severe and cyber certainly do. Write and right, and fun and phone are also alliterations.

Let’s write some together. This should be fun. I’ll start with the one I used above.

Newton the gnu with pneumonia knew how to knit nicely.
~Kaci Rigney

Here’s one full of alliteration.

Clinking chunks of concrete chased racing red rabbits ribbiting like frogs famously frolicking at Friday festivals.
~ Shari Beckett

Eager Edith eeked at the eels in the eastern eatery.
~ Parker McCoy

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Send your alliterations here and I’ll add them to my post over the next week. Let’s keep it clean, but fun. Subscribe for a free poetry e-book while you’re there. Please don’t put them in the comments below. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Alliteration

  1. I learn new terms and examples from your blog. I am sure these were taught in school but I did not pay attention to many subjects in school. English, math and history were my most ignored subjects LOL.

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