Need a Gift?

Need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? A beautiful gift for your Valentine!

A LOVE TRIO: Chasing Love, Finding Love, and Losing Love!! LAUNCH PRICE $15 for the trio. Wow! Now through St. Patricks Day! AVAILABLE NOW! ($25 for the trio after that.)

The Love Trio are beautifully illustrated e-books filled with poems about unrequited love, looking for love, waiting for love, chasing love, finding love, and losing love. Kaci explores the myriad emotions of love through several poetry forms in each of the three books. Find romance in Chasing Love, Finding Love, and Losing Love today. Illustrated by Artist Kolleen Singleton

Review of Chasing Love

From the very start of Chasing Love, Kaci presents the poetic picture of the fickle nature of love.  Running uphill toward who-knows-what over the horizon.  Her preface described her journey with poetry forms – an integral hook for the reader, creating a connection with you, as well as sparking, “Oh, so there’s an intelligence behind poetry – not just emotion or rhyme?  I did a bit of hunt-and-peck before I read through them all!  Like trying different chocolates from a Russell Stover box!  As an author/poet myself, I was immediately drawn to Google to look up some of the styles and inspired to create some goodies of my own!  I loved the low-right chapter headings in the lilting font.  Again, it’s all about creating the “mood” with poetry, isn’t it?  I felt the range of relationships from ‘Unrequited Love’ and rejection’s pain with being replaced and gossip…to longing for and dreaming of.  I loved the title ‘Imagined Memories’ that addresses the before and after ideology.  Kaci touched on friendship and kindness from the beloved, and the wonder of that haven of togetherness.  I really loved the variety of styles combined with the well-rounded expressions of love’s facets and complications.  One has to draw the reader from the critical thinking mode into the imaginative emotional part of the brain – the neglected part in our snarky society at present!  Blessed relief!  Thank you for that! Very well done!

                                                ~ Rebecca Lamarche, Author & Poet

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