Poems & Pictures

Shutterfly photo books are a personal favorite. We must have at least a dozen 8 x 8 books of trips, gardens, and family memories. Recently, I finished this coffee table project, Pictures and Poems which includes forty original inspirational poems and twice as many photos. Limited autographed personalized copies available for $35.00, including shipping. Check … Continue reading Poems & Pictures

Beyond Belief

Before belittling my bemusing blog, I beseech, behold its beauty. Beloved Bride, Between begin and become, it behooves us to believe the best, befriend, behave, and belong, betide. Beautifully beholden to bequeath, to bestir beyond breath, on behalf of this behest bejeweled beauty before, behind, and beside our begotten. Beware the beguiler beneath--who befogs, befuddles, … Continue reading Beyond Belief

Devastation, Desires, and Delight

One Sunday evening, in my parent's living room, as I stood in front of our neighbor, Alice, I gave my heart to Jesus. A little towheaded five-year-old girl, feeling the Holy Spirit's incredible power coursing through me--my childhood's most cherished memory. Bible stories were learned and the grand old hymns of the faith, which I … Continue reading Devastation, Desires, and Delight

The Conversation

Stew is delicious until it’s scorched and burned; then, it becomes distasteful, unpalatable, and even repugnant. We have the privilege of free speech in America, yet depending on we use this freedom, it can become like a spoiled disgusting stew. We have instituted anti-bullying rules at schools (with thousands of people who have advocated for … Continue reading The Conversation