The Kitchen Tool and the Body of Christ


Every day, I thank Jesus that my husband loves to cook! I can do it, but he loves to do it. Yay for me! And a definite YUM for us! He makes up his own marinades and they are never the same. He keeps it fresh and amazing. Our kitchen is filled with cute chef decor–on the walls, on the counter-tops, on aprons, and on potholders.

Yesterday, as I got out of bed, I thought about my purpose in life as a Believer. A picture of the church came to me in the form of utensils. I grabbed up these necessary tools and took a photo. What do they have in common with the Christian life? Let’s look at them and see. All these kitchen utensils have a specific purpose for the chef in the family. Let’s compare the Christian to the Utensil.

Chef Potholder:  First of all it’s cute! Secondly, it protects the skin.
Christian:  Is my walk with Jesus attractive to others? And secondly, do I protect the body of Christ, His church, His bride?

Ladle:  The ladle scoops soup. I love nourishing soup, so I consume it by ladles full.
Christian:  Am I scooping up and consuming the nourishment of the Word of God in big helpings?

Spatula:  The spatula helps to flip things over to the other side.
Christian:  Do I help others in their walk with God, encouraging them to see the other side, helping them find an attitude of gratitude, or how God is growing them in faith?

Sucker Upperer (Baister):  One use for this utensil–it sucks up unwanted grease in our pans.
Christian:  Sometimes we just have to suck it up, huh?  Someone says something to offend, or we get mocked for our belief. “Consider it all joy…” James 1:2-3

Tongs: This utensil picks up pieces of meat to turn them over.
Christian: Do I turn over other’s teachings in my mind, ponder them, meditate on them, look them up to make sure they’re true Biblical truths, and not there just to tickle my ears?

Small Whisk: A whisk blends different ingredients together for something greater.
Christian: Do I blend my voice with the worship team and together lift up the praises of God?

Pasta Server: This noodle grabber, as I like to call it, serves the plate without pieces sliding off a spoon.
Christian: Do I greet and serve others without letting them slip away without knowing they are loved and welcomed?

Large Whisk: This whisk is like unto the small, but blending in a bigger way.
Christian: Am I blending my spiritual and natural gifts with others in the church to fulfill needs and strengthen the body?

Rubber Spatula: One of the best uses of this blending tool is to glean all the good chocolate cake mix out of the bowl. Yum!
Christian: Do I glean from others stronger in their faith and do I let others glean from me–either one, making the walk with Jesus sweeter?

Slotted Spoon: This spoon lets you get the good stuff and leaves the liquid behind.
Christian: Am I eating the meat of God’s Word or am I still on milk, letting others spoon-feed me?

Egg Separator: The egg separator separates the yolk from the egg whites.
Christian: I am separate, holy, set apart. Do I look and act differently from the world?

All of these utensils are useful. Are you? Am I? They may be used at different times or all used during the course of one meal. The kitchen would be bereft without them. Would the church be bereft without you or me? I found this analogy to be an interesting comparison. Even not being able to physically attend church right now, it evoked a look into my soul. Am I doing my part–on social media, in my neighborhood, in my home? I pose that same question to you.

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