The still sweltering days and the sultry summer nights diminished as campfires and s’mores are exchanged for sweaters and homemade soup. Leaves of all shapes and sizes dance off trees to the rhythm of the blowing breeze–red, gold, and brown: a change, Autumn, my favorite time of year.

A daddy is raking these colorful leaves into piles in the backyard, while his children jump in them, tossing them to and fro. Dancing girls with their arms flung out in delight, leaves cascading about them. With the slip and slide put away and the kiddie pool set aside, the two girls change directions and head toward the swing set. They soar–curly hair floating behind them, while their little brother plays in the colorful pile with his dump truck.

Their mommy makes homemade pizza in the kitchen, watching through the window as daddy pushes the girls higher and higher. Little sister is watching a Veggie Tales video, her lilting giggles making mommy smile. Baby sister naps in her crib. This size-able happy family, enjoying the change of seasons.

Grandma’s heart is gladsome and somehow lighter when fall comes around. Coffee tastes better in the morning, and there’s a little more dance in my step throughout the day. The evenings turn chilly as I water my ever-growing garden. I do love the fall. But I sure miss those babies. Oh, would that I could visit my little loves, far away. Grandma loves you.

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