My Office

Musical instruments are scattered throughout the house. Where’s my mic? I can’t find the cord for my keyboard! What did I do with my alto recorder? I thought I just bought guitar picks, UGH! That was my life for years. I have lots of instruments, a few I don’t play, many that I do—or am learning. But I have had to find nooks and crannies for them all around the houses I have lived in these last three decades. This has now come to an end, and Hallelujah!

My husband travels for work, and, most of the time, I travel with him. This ended with the pandemic. Just a side note here—my brother and I inherited the home we grew up in. My husband and I live here now. Now, back to it. 😊 Before the pandemic, when he didn’t have an assignment, he used my childhood bedroom as an office. He needed it. But now, it’s mine!

In March, when we were on our way home from a work trip in San Diego, Kevin was informed that he would be working from home until further notice. He had a month of travel to cancel and wondered how he was to teach these hands-on classes. All this worked out, and he is teaching remotely from home, as many are working from home these days. Two weeks of sheltering in place have turned into nearly six months, but we are coping. I must say, the most challenging things are not being able to see my grandkids and my two girls. Frankly, I just miss people. I miss hugging and meeting friends for dinner. I miss going to church and singing with other believers. Sigh. But I digress.

Our daughter and her husband lived with us, but they moved to Oregon for business in October. So proud of my daughter, a manager of a beauty store. Insert a BIG SMILE here. They occupied the back of the house that included a small bedroom and a large living space. When they moved, we remodeled. Kevin moved his office to the small bedroom, and we made the larger room into a family room. When he finished moving all his stuff for work, he started working on my office–my first office. I was and am thrilled. I shall add photos. Yeah!

We moved in my antique desk, changed the décor in the cabinets to my mother’s Avon dolls, which I inherited. He hung my guitars on the wall, brought in my keyboard, my karaoke machine, my violin, and my percussion instruments. He hung posters of the operas I had the privilege to sing in, and he framed the CDs I have sung on. Max Herr, a photographer friend of mine from college years, had taken a photo of me singing at one of our school’s chapel services. This photo hung in one of the halls of California Baptist College (now University), back in the day. He gave it to me when we graduated, and this hangs on the wall in front of my desk.

I now have an office, and I love it. I can sit here and type my blogs, as I am doing now. All my instruments are within a few steps away. I don’t have to wonder which closet they are in or what drawer to open. They are all here. Sigh (again.) It’s nice to finally have a place to work. Not that I get paid for it—starving musician here. Haha! But I can blog, write music, play instruments, work on my first novel—super excited about that! I’m 40,000 words into it (halfway to completion.) Insert another Hallelujah here!

God is good! I thank Him for the home we have and the office just for little old me.

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