Lemonade Anyone?

This year in a blur. We redid the rooms in the back of the house, finished the guestroom, and now, Kev and I both have offices.

We bought new-to-us furniture through Facebook Marketplace and sold a few, as well. Kevin and I celebrated 35 years of marriage. 

We bought a bunch of succulents, put in: a new backyard, vegetable garden, back patio, finished five painting projects for the backyard, got out of our 8×40 storage unit, gave away a bunch of stuff, rearranged our shed and garage, and found a new church.

I have: 

  • written 40,000+ words in my novel, 
  • written four short stories, 
  • submitted for a poetry contest, was accepted, and published
  • recorded lots of tutorials for YouTube since June
  • posted blogs weekly since June
  • posted Questions of the Day, weekly, since June 
  • written several poems 
  • written a few new songs
  • taken online writing classes
  • attended online webinars
  • Joined five different writing Facebook groups
  • And have kept up with six precious grandkids, 5 until last week, four admin. accounts, three older brothers, two darling daughters, and my husband, turning 60. 🙂

Craziness! Writing it all down makes a difference. It really perked me up. We got things done. Though I will, more than likely, not finish my novel this year, I made a big dent. We actually accomplished more than I had realized. 

We all got lemons for 2020. Lemonade anyone?

One thought on “Lemonade Anyone?

  1. WOW! I didn’t know it was possible to accomplish so much in a year! I would love some of your lemonade! (the real stuff! Best lemonade I ever had!) I don’t know what I have accomplished this year at all! We finally sold the house in Winston! PTL!
    It sounds like God has been truly blessing you and Kevin! 6 grandkids?! Did I read that right? We only have 4! I so miss having babies around! Would you share some family photos? Is your family able to get together? This crazy pandemic! A woman Dave works with told him that he couldn’t have more than 6 people over for Thanksgiving. When he told her that we have 7 people living in our house, she replied, “Well, somebody has to leave!” I pray that God will provide a cure, that people will turn towards God, and our country will be healed!
    Is there some way you could send me a notification when you put out something new? I don’t get on Facebook very often and I forget to check out your blogs.
    Love you lots! 💜
    Tell Kevin I said hi.


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