In the Midst of the Storm

As January 2021 comes to a close, it seems surreal. This month has been a whirlwind–with wind being the operative word. Here in the East Bay Area of California, we’ve had several windstorms. This morning, a friend of mine found a rather large trampoline in her swimming pool. Stormy weather has wreaked havoc with downed trees and powerlines, and snow across the states. Here, downpours of rain and wind as an atmospheric river gives us a much-needed deluge but with it wind gusts of up to 100 mph.

For seven years, we were part of a church here in the East Bay, that housed men and women fighting drug and alcohol abuse. The New Life Dream Center is a discipleship community focused on the Bible and freedom in Christ Jesus. I spent many mornings and evenings with the women as a mentor, teacher, and friend. I mentored three wonderful women who are now leading productive lives. It certainly wasn’t me who made the difference, but God. I had a small part to play in His plan, and that I cherish.

A few years ago, our pastor Jonathan Gee sold his home and purchased a house and a marina. The men in the Dream Center help to keep the land maintained and have helped with repairs while the women clean. Since then, they were able to purchase another house. It has been a ministry that has helped hundreds of men and women. Pastor Gee passed away in 2016 leaving his wife Laura and Son Curtis to run the New Life Dream Center and the New Life Marina.
Two years ago, we had a storm like this one that picked up one of the piers and threw it on the land. The damage was severe and took six months to clean up. The men in the house doing all, or at least most of the work.
Yesterday, the violent storm decimated a massive section of the marina’s pier. Thankfully, lives were not lost as people live in the boats in these slips.

If there is any way you can help with demolition, funds, anything, I am sure it will be appreciated. The New Life Marina has not been able to afford insurance, so it will be on the people there to do the hard work. As far as I know, the storm affected the power as well. They have well water that is pumped, so without electricity, they also have no running water. It’s a tragedy. If you would be so kind, would you keep them in your prayers?

New Life Dream Center donation link:

Links below are from Curtis Gee and the news.

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