Suggestions Please

Just like many of you, we have been isolating. This pandemic, now classified as an endemic, has changed the way we live. Masks and social distancing are our way of coping in the outside world, fearful of a dreaded plague. I hope someday soon we can shake hands, hug, and see each other’s smiles again. We long for the days of family reunions, visiting children and grandchildren, or frankly, an evening with beloved friends.

For us, in the entertainment business, we have had the rug pulled out from under us. I wasn’t making big money, no doubt about that, but I know I made a difference in someone’s day as I played and sang at the hospital, for an assisted living environment, or in a rehabilitation/rest home. I miss those smiling faces. I do know some that make their living in the entertainment business. I am saddened for these friends and hope that the world will open up again for concerts, art galleries, and the like.

Like many others in the world, Kevin and I have worked from home for nearly a year. Thankfully, we have a great marriage and get along famously. Kevin recently took on a management role, so he is much busier than before. His company has a stay-home mandate until at least April, and that is subject to change. I am writing daily—short stories, poems, songs, or in my novel. For someone who isn’t bringing home a paycheck, my days are packed full. I have many hobbies I enjoy and have difficulty choosing, somedays, which to cover in my posts and blogs.

Those in the know of platform building say my posts should have a takeaway for my audience (even as small as mine is at the moment). I should focus on one thing to give them, some sage advice in my field. So, I would like to ask, what of my interests are you interested in and that I might give you a takeaway? Music theory tips, short story tips and prompts, poetry/lyrics/songwriting tips, singing tip videos, piano tip videos, recorder/Native American flute videos—what would you suggest? What do you need/want as a takeaway from me? I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

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