The End of National Poetry Month

As National Poetry Month ends, I delight in the poems I have written and those I have sought to read. This month, my friend, Shari and I have shared poetry with each other on Facebook. It’s been lovely to have a poetry pal. 🙂 We shared of love of music, and now share the love of poetry with each other. I feel a much deeper connection with my friend.

My last poem of the month is below. If you would like to read my poetry for the month check the menu for National Poetry Month 2021. I’ll leave it up for a short while to give you time to read them, but I intend to remove the page in the ensuing weeks. I hope you will enjoy the fruit of my labors. They have been a joy to write and share. (Update: Page has been taken down.)


Day 30

My Shepherd
Kaci Rigney

In the cool of the morning
Coffee in hand
I sit to my breakfast
With time on demand

But for now, I remember
Breathe in, Breathe out
No worries for the day
No fear and no doubt

With a prayer to start my day
Moments with God
To rest with my Shepherd
His staff and His rod

A peaceful calm within me
A glorious light
Wells up within my heart
His garden’s delight

For His pastures are verdant
There He will lead
To give me pure water
And wisdom to heed

For I know that He loves me
Pleasures I find
With Him as my Shepherd
My King, good, and kind


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