The Limericks of Sofie

As I sit with my Sofie girl, today she’s not feeling so hot. She recently saw the groomer, and I think they shaved her a little too close. She’s been scratching and biting herself constantly. The groomer saw no evidence of fleas. But my cute little snaggletooth girl is so itchy. I feel sorry for her. Not only that, but her poor tummy is hurting this morning, and she won’t eat. Outside, she’s trying to eat grass, a sure sign. Poor Sofa-loaf.

This week, one of my poetry prompts was to write a limerick. I’ve written about 10. They are cute and fun to pen. So, off the cuff, this bonnie morn, I give you –

The Limericks of Sofie
Kaci Rigney

There once was a doggie named Sofie
I’m sure she could win a big trophy
But she starts to twitch
When she gets an itch
So, contests are out, Sofa-loafy

For they want a dog who will mind now
And show all the tricks that she knows how
I call out “Sofie!”
She won’t listen to me
Our Sofie, the queen, just says “bow-wow”

She is such a cute little canine
She chases the cats, makes a beeline
For when she goes out
She barks, hear her shout
At doggies and every feline

She really doesn’t bark that much. But she’s not real friendly with other doggies. She’s a rescue, so I don’t know her back story, so fiction it is. Hope you enjoyed! Have an awesome day!

If you are on Facebook, I just created an author page. Find and follow me: Author Kaci Rigney @kacirigneyauthor 😊 I’ll be sharing one of my short stories there, once I have 100 followers.

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