Thursday Thoughts, Friday

Interesting enough, Thursday thoughts did not get posted as usual. I just posted it but I will post here as well.

The irony is I spent most of yesterday in the ER. I woke up not feeling well with dizziness and the whole left side of my body tingling. I thought, maybe I slept wrong, and my body was trying to wake up, but what about the dizziness. I had my coffee, shower, and breakfast and still felt weird. I just couldn’t shake it. So, at 11:30, I asked my husband to take me to the ER. Here in the East Bay Area of California, It was already over 100 degrees. It ended up being 109 outside and 60 degrees in the ER. I was in shorts and no sleeves, freezing for five hours. I asked for a blanket. The security guard said he called for someone to turn up the thermostat. That was at 12:30. When I left at 4:30 or so, it hadn’t been done. They would not let me outside to warm up either. I digress.

I really thought I might be having a stroke and said so. They ran physical tests and blood tests (after the third try — UGH!) The neurologist was called in and insisted I get an MRI on my noggin, but they could not tell me when it would be, and I could not eat because of that. They finally came out at 3:00 and told me my MRI was set for 4:00. Thankfully, they got me in a half-hour early, and this claustrophobic girlie had her second MRI on my brain in two years.

For the second time, I was told my brain was pretty. Yep. All came back fine, and they sent me out into the blazing heat after freezing all day. I was actually not cranky as it may seem, but thankful. It looks like I suffer from paresthesia. Look it up, if you must, but it totally makes sense of many symptoms over the last several years. I’m glad of the diagnosis. Glad I wasn’t having a stroke or heart attack.

I spent sometime texting with my pastor who encouraged me greatly yesterday with one of my favorite Bible verses. God is good. While he was praying for me, God gave him the verse to send. The one I had quoted so many times before in my time of need.

And all this to say, my Thursday Thought was ‘Be cure for my ills.’ Yes, Lord. Be my cure.

Another day of unbearable heat without AC today. I am thrilled we have a swamp cooler, but it was 107 today. I’m a little wilted, I must say, except for a lovely trip to Costco, where I spent a few lovely minutes in the lovely, chilly produce section. Relief. I guess I’m a little snarky right now because it’s 9:15 and still 102 outside.

Okay. I’ll stop my whining, now. Hope you all had a great day.

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