Class is Monday

As you never know what will happen in the coming days, be prepared. Teaching music for many years, I stored up quite a library of flash cards, books, and music games, etc. Lots of material I could have used for this Music Fundamentals class I start teaching on Monday. In January of this year, I packed up all of this and somewhere it has landed, but we can’t locate it anywhere. Insert huge sigh here. I have spent hours, days even, working on making flash cards and coming up with a curriculum.
The reason I bring this up? Make sure you know where your stuff is. You know, the stuff you want to have when you need it. I am very excited about the class, but I feel like I am scrambling to get everything together. Sigh again. Monday is a just a few days away.
There’s no need to fret, Kaci. I know, I know. I just wish I could find that box! 😉 Breathe, Kaci, breathe.
Ever been there?

3 thoughts on “Class is Monday

  1. Congrats on your class!
    I can never find anything and l put things where I wont loose them🤣
    You will be a great asset to your students, either way, find them or not. Gods got you back😘

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